What is My Info?

My Info is a service that enables the residents and citizens of the country to control the use of their personal data and reduces the complexity of online transactions.

My Info uses government data resources to accelerate eKYC process for users independently.

My Info integration for your business?

Integrating your Business with My Info (My Info) enhances the growth of your Digital Business.

My Info allows the resident and citizens to connect and carry out with 1400+ Government and private sector services both offline and online in a secured and convenient way.

The number of users in the database has increased which increased the need of My Info integration for the Digital business in the digital era.

Do you know how My Info is going to enhance the Digital growth of your business?

  1. Data from the Government Database

With the data from the government resources, which enables the instant product sourcing when needed.

  1. High Quality Data and reduction in filling forms
  • Zero handling of manual data for organizations
  • Users deliver data through My Info

Why My Info for your Business?

  • Improve your security and user experience by integrating My Info, My Info business, Sign, Verify and Identiface
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) interface
  • Retrigger My Info Authentication for Sensitive Transactions sign 2- Factor Authentication
  • Open ID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol

Why My info Integration with MRN Info Tech?

  • Use your current IT Infrastructure for integration
  • Minimize your My Info integration efforts
  • Integration the API will enable the integration of Single Sign-on (SSO) for various applications connected in the same ecosystem
  • Adaption of Future proof E-service with My Info
  • Out of box implementation for the integration of My Info

We MRN Info Tech make it easy for you. Check with our Services to get to know more.