Why MRN?

Looking forward to integrating hardware and networking solutions into your business? If yes, you’ve landed in the right place. At MRN Infotech, our cost-efficient computer networking and hardware services can help you achieve several tasks and conquer obstacles seamlessly.

Here, we use a systematic methodology to analyze and design service quality according to your needs. With adequate support from our experienced and skilled technicians, troubleshooting issues to acquire optimum level performance will not be an arduous task.

With years of experience altogether, at MRN Infotech, our technicians ensure that you get to access the expertise required to resolve complex network issues. Be it installing a server or repairing a PC; everything can be handled quite well. With attention to details and competitive price, we ensure keeping our clients satisfactory and happy.

At MRN Infotech, we ensure installing a technically advanced firewall system so that you can effortlessly keep a track on the outgoing and incoming network traffic. Along with that, our experts are also well-versed with Virtual Private Network (VPN); thus, helping you receive and send data across public or shared networks with ease.

If you have a small business, facing troubles with networking and speed, integrate our LAN services right away to tackle issues. On the contrary, our proficient and competent technicians are also skillful enough to implement WAN services in your organization. This way, you’ll never experience a network issue ever again.

Connect your systems through network-attached storage and never feel the lack of enough space to keep your data safeguarded. Our expert team knows well when it comes to integrating this dedicated file storage system; thus, connecting different devices at once and allowing access to the same disk. Access your data whenever you want.

Testing the security of your network and devices is our utmost propriety. Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing methodology can quickly uncover vulnerability available in your application and devices. This way, decreasing the risks turns out to be a potential. MRN Infotech offers an extensive range of security testing services. Right from cloud security testing to vulnerable network assessment, API security testing, mobile security testing, and other such services can be availed easily.

MRN Infotech’s vulnerability assessment service will assist you in identifying, quantifying and resolving security vulnerabilities existing in the infrastructure of your company, including cloud and on-premise networks. Our security personnel are skilled enough to integrate advanced assessment technology; hence, offering a high level of support needed to discover and resolve issues.

MRN Infotech provides penetration testing services based on low volume. Considering the high-intensity of our assessment, we have curated this service to simulate real-life, malicious activities. Don’t worry; we are not going to take it easy on hackers and intruders. Our well-crafted service will help you comprehend weaknesses and resolve them before it’s too late.